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Terms of payment and refund

  • How to pay for an order with a card?

You can pay for your order by card - online.

To pay for an order online:

Log in or register on the site.

Select a subscription type on the product pages:

or Basic course format (Standard/Premium)

Next, you will be redirected to the page of the secure payment system, where you can confirm the payment. You can also pay by card through Google Play or Apple Pay.


  • How to pay for an order by bank transfer?


To receive an invoice for payment, please select   on the product page the option “request an invoice” or send us a request by e-mail:


Payment by bank transfer is made to the details:

FOP Kukuruza Grigory Volodymyrovich

EDRPOU 3545006872

UA963806340000026006194133001  PuAT "KB" ACCORDBANK, KIIV


If you need to receive the original invoice and the certificate of completion, please write a request to the e-mail:

  • Return conditions


An application for a refund must be sent to the e-mail:


The refund system fully guarantees a refund of the full cost of a 6-month and 12-month subscription to Monthly Update minus the cost of one month of subscription within 24 hours after receiving a request for a refund, as well as the full cost of the Basic Course, if after the first lecture you decide not complete the course.

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