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Велика щорічна конференція

Велика щорічна конференція

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Macroeconomic forecasts for 2023

That announcement of the development of leading leaders of the Ukrainian Business about the progress and development plans in 2022-2023


first day


On the first day, we give you the widest picture of forecasts for the upcoming river in the Uryad, the National Bank and the leading independent macroeconomics of the country

  • What will be the exchange rate policy of the National Bank?

  • If the exchange rate policy will switch to a "floating" regime?

  • What will be the average hryvnia exchange rate and the exchange rate for the end of the year for different scenarios of the NBU policy?

  • How is the average dollar salary of offensive fate?

  • What kind of promise will that slow down inflation?

  • What risks for business do you carry in your budget policy and monetary policy of impending doom?


Rostislav Shurma, Intercessor Golovi to the Office of the President of Ukraine for Economic Policy


“Kerivnik and Natkhnennik of the Group of Investigation of the New Anti-Corruption Podatkovo Reform. Vіdoma like "10-10-10" won bula іz the capture of all the business capitals of Ukraine, however, zіshtovkhnulas zі against the tax committee of the Verkhovna Rada and other international donors of Ukraine.

At the conference, Rostislav Shurma, as the leading policy-maker of the nation, without rebuffing, founding reforms to the rock, first told in the details about the new design of the Anti-Corruption Tax Reform, which can be replaced by "10-10-10"! 

І vіdverto vіdpovіst іn all уоur supply, а hundred percent tax-paying policy for the upcoming 2023 roci!


Mihailo Kukhar, head economist  Ukraine Economic Outlook

“Macro forecast of GDP, inflation, income and welfare of the population, the dynamics of the savings in food by regions in 2023. The factor of outward signs for the risks of the budgetary and monetary policy in 2023"


Hryhoriy Kukuruza, Senior Economist Ukraine Economic Outlook

“Forecast of light prices for Ukrainian export products. Forecast of trade and balance of payments. Injecting the factor of migrants. Scenario forecast for the exchange rate until the end of 2023"


Denis Kudin, First intercessor of the Minister of Economic Development of Ukraine

“10 anti-crisis reforms in a row that boosted the economy in 2022, the growth rate and macroeconomic forecast for 2023”

Another day





Garik Korogodsky, writer, actor, business guru, sponsor of the largest shopping center in Ukraine "Mriya" (ex-Dream Town)

Tell us about the partnership with the tenants, the love for the customers at the end of the war, new recruits, what the managers got for the rest of the year and the future to play the role of classic retail at the start of the Ukrainian economy after the victory.


Volodymyr Popereshnyukspіvvlasnik "Nova Poshti"

Tell us about how the economy of Ukraine has been repeatedly declared at the hour of war by the invisible hand of the market, to share secrets, as a nationwide love for the brand "Novoi Poshti" becoming one of the stovpiv, on which the country's economy is thriving today, and about the plans for expansion into the European Ukraine, Ukraine in services, I can not beat competitors


Vladislav Chechotkin, founder of the ROZETKA company

Rozkazhe, do not be surprised at spending, stand up, save human capital and continue development, including virobnitstv. And also about those, how wide by appointment to your clients, at an important hour, love turns to you.


Oleg Gorohovsky, spіvvsnovnik and spіvvlasnik "MONOBANK"

How to become a leader in the high-tech banking sector, to win the hour of war. Yak Monobank converting its social capital in the eyes of its clients not for its own income, but for earning billions of hryvnias for support of ZSU. That yak zavzhdi give a boost to operational management, which has already become legendary.


Oleksandr Sokolovsky, founder of the Textile-Contact group of companies

To share your knowledge, how to save it and renew all your 11 choices, save people and change the management for constant growth and bring it into the mode of mobization technologies.


Denis Dovgopoliy, CEO Unicorn Nest

The legend of fintech, the founder of the BigData company with the power of piece intelligence, which helps startups get a penny of 20,000 funds, but it has changed to the Ukrainian IT finance market in 2022.


Andriy Dligach, economist and head of the Ukrainian Business Council (Board Advanter Group)

Tell us about the results of the sociological studies of the tops of the business in 2022 and share it with all your businesses in 2023.

Petr-CHernyshov (1)_edited.jpg

Petro Chernishoin

The ex-head of Kyivstar, a member of the Radi of the Kyiv School of Economics, a master of corporate governance, to which not only people in Ukraine listen.

50% of the proceeds from the Ukraine Economic Outlook conference will be used to finance education in the basics of economics for veterans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the special course of Mikhail Kukhar. Kozhen, speaker of the conference, has already made a significant contribution to the implementation of this program. Buying a ticket sobі, chi to your colleagues you will finance the fate of hiring one veteran in the "Basic Course of Macroeconomics for 12 Years by Mikhail Kukhar".

Support our warriors and believe in our victory!

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