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 Economic Outlook

Monthly update of exchange rate

and macroeconomic forecast until the end of the year

MONTHLY Economic Outlook provide an extensive overview of key macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, exchange rate, inflation, as well as a detailed forecast of the Ukraine`s trade balance and balance of payments. Read more...

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Monthly FX Update: Report Structure


Chronicle of the foreign exchange market for the last month

Analysis of the main trends and events in the interbank foreign exchange market of Ukraine.


Forecast for the month ahead

Forecast of the UAH/USD exchange rate for a month, based on UEO's mathematical model UEO and the expert assessment of the group's economists.


Exchange rate forecast until the end of the year

Forecast of the hryvnia exchange rate corridor until the end of the current year, taking into account the main macroeconomic factors and trends in the banking and public sectors.

Detailed forecast of the balance of payments and trade by the end of the year


This block describes the main trends in the money and capital market, and also contains a detailed forecast of the balance of payments until the end of the year.

Long term forecast

UEO also provides a long-term forecast (2+ years) of the exchange rate, after the end of the period of political turbulence.



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