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What is this?
Analytical report on the state of the Ukrainian economy in 2023. Updated macroeconomic forecast until the end of 2024 and trend forecast for economic recovery in Ukraine in 2025-2030.

Who prepared the report?
Completed according to international standards by an international team of economists from the Independent Group of Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting Ukraine Economic Outlook under the leadership of Mikhail Kukhar.

How to use it?
Ukraine and World Economy Forecast for 2024 is an ideal document for dialogue with foreign investors about the development prospects and post-war recovery of the Ukrainian economy. The report is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian. Each buyer of the Ukrainian version, an English version for foreign partners as a gift.

* Ukraine Economic Outlook clients who subscribe to MONTHLY Economic Outlook before the end of this year receive Ukraine and World Economy Forecast for 2024 for free.

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Ukraine and World Economy Forecast for 2024
and Annual Report 2023

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Mikhail Kukhar about Ukraine Economic Outlook

How much did the Ukrainian economy lose in the first two years of the war? But what will the guaranteed pace of post-war recovery really be until 2030?

We have created the perfect analytical report for you with answers to these questions for your foreign partners.

It is a great honor for us to work for you, dear Captains of Ukrainian business.


Mikhail Kukhar


Price from 06/01/2024:


  • $500

    Ukraine and World Economy Forecast for 2024
    • Macroeconomic Forecast 2024-2030
    • + английская версия в подарок!

Price until 06/01/2024:

You will receive the analytical report Ukraine and World Economy Forecast for 2024 in the form of a PDF file on the day of its release - March 5, 2024 to the Email you provided during registration.

You can pay:

  • Your bank card, as well as Apple Pay/Google Pay​

  • If it is not convenient for you to pay by credit card, we will be happy to issue you an invoice for payment using the details.

Ukraine and World Economy Forecast for 2024 - closed study and updated forecast for Ukraine Economic Outlook clients. Distributed by subscription only.

All rights reserved.

Any copying and distribution of research materials outside the framework of legal agreements with the copyright holder is prosecuted in accordance with Ukrainian and international legislation on copyright and related rights.


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