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Online conference

Ukraine-EU: Solving the problem of double taxation and controlled foreign companies in Ukraine

At this conference you will learn everything about how to correctly declare your foreign income and the income of foreign companies controlled by you

All about real tax practice in relation to Ukrainian citizens in leading European countries

Program and schedule

11:00 – 12:00


Elena Kuznechikova

“On the practice of the right to apply double taxation with European countries and the new version of the law on controlled foreign companies (CFC)”

12:00 – 13:00

Tatiana Shevtsova

“All about the practice of functioning of the law on controlled foreign companies (CFC)”

13:00 – 14:30

Дискуссионная панель с юристами из разных стран Европы

“On the practice of avoiding double taxation for Ukrainian citizens”



Inna Baye



Natalia Radchenko


Lyudmila Demchenko (2).png





Elena Wilke






Elena Kuznechikova

Во время панельной дискуссии топовые юристы, занимающиеся практикой налогообложения в этих странах в 2022-2023 годах расскажут о важных деталях декларирования и уплаты налогов украинскими гражданами в разных странах ЕС.

Вы услышите не одно мнение, а станете участником дискуссии ведущих украинских юристов по данной теме, и получите для себя оптимальный сценарий налогового поведения, на основании их рекомендаций.



Liya Smekun

Integrations project, Hamburg, Germany


Mikhail Kukhar

Ukraine Economic Outlook



Elena Kuznechikova

Lawyer, Managing Partner of LAW GUIDE, Certified Asset Management Specialist


Inna Baye

Founder of Innsaga Business, business consultant on opening and running a business in France

Lyudmila Demchenko (2).png

Lyudmila Demchenko

Head of the Spanish consulting company UCBI. More than 24 years of experience in the tax authorities of Ukraine. More than 5 years of experience in international consulting



Licensed attorney, LA&P consulting company


Татьяна Шевцова

Managing partner of the audit company "CAPITAL PLUS"


Natalia Radchenko

Co-owner of Consulting
Legal House Group (Poland), tax consultant


Elena Wilke

Financial consultant, tax expert, associate professor at GFS Berlin, consultant on starting and running a business in Germany

To buy a ticket

Early bird price €125 until February 8

Эта конференция для Вас, если:

  • You are the owner of a company or a branch of your company in one of the European countries

  • You have a residence permit in one of the European countries

  • You live in Ukraine, and your family lives in the EU and receives financial assistance from you

  • You are registered as a sole proprietor in Ukraine, but live in the EU

  • You have registered as an Individual Entrepreneur in one of the European countries

  • You are subject to the Controlled Foreign Company Act

You need this conference in order to learn everything about your rights and not make mistakes in declaring taxes between Ukraine and the EU!

We work precisely for this purpose, creating for you the opportunity to receive advice from the country's top lawyers at a price of 20% of the cost of an hour of their individual consultation!

Take advantage of this opportunity!

To buy a ticket

Якір 1
Early bird ticket price €125 until February 8
  • €125

    Standart Ticket 3.0
  • €150

    Late Bird Ticket 3.0

Special offer

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If you missed our first two conferences, then we have a special offer for those who simultaneously purchase all 3 products: Tax Conference 1.0 (Old European Countries) and Tax Conference 2.0 (11 low-tax jurisdictions in Europe), and now want to register for Tax Conference 3.0 (avoidance of double taxation and CFCs) we offer a special price:


Buy all three conferences and save €75

  • €300

    Taxes 1 + Taxes 2 + Taxes 3
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Organizers and partners

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Become a partner or advertiser

If you consider our respected audience to be your potential clients, fill out an application and we will contact you to tell you what kind of advertising of your business you can present in the recording of our discussion.


Most of all, we value the trust of our audience, so we place no more than 6 minutes of advertising (in 30 and 60 second slots between speakers) as well as 10-minute interviews with sponsors during the broadcast break. Advertising cooperation does not include commercial speeches or presentations.

Fill out the potential advertiser form to learn about all the opportunities for your brand:

Always ready to answer all your additional questions Tatyana Kazimirko
+38 096 898 95 30 / +38 099 506 34 51 and Liya Smekun +49 159 040 96 203

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