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Cost-free economic training program for ZSU veterans

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About the program itself.
Zavdyaki who won’t know:

It is a great honor for us to present today our special Ukraine Economic Outlook Initiative and the best among the international ratings of the MIM-Kyiv Business School of Ukraine!

After Peremogi, which, we seem to be checking on us in the future, we safely train 1000 veterans of the ZSU, so that they can go to the "BASIC COURSE OF MACROECONOMICS under Mikhail Kukhar"

The same Course in macroeconomics, which is offered for leading businessmen in the country, who study at the MIM-Kyiv business school in the MBA and Senior Executive MBA programs.

An independent group of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting Ukraine Economic Outlook for six months on the cob of the war did not save money, but all its revenue for the Single Rakhunok of the Army in the NBU. Kozhen, who overpaid at 2022 the turn of the birch tree by the linden, be it one of our products, and he knows that his payment is direct to the Single Rakhunok of the Army. We are proud of the fact that our contributionhaving transferred UAH 11.3 million for the first year.

Conducting our Great School Conference, we announced to the best hearers that 50% of the fees will go to pay for the "Basic course in macroeconomics" in the country's leading business school for veterans of the ZSU, who are encouraged to take it.

All speakers of the conference were asked to pay fees for their participation, asking them to send money to pay for the "Basic course in macroeconomics" in the country's leading business school for veterans of ZSU. You are guilty of knowing their names:

For cats, selected for the Great School Conference Ukraine Economic Outlook

Zavdyaki to whom the program is used:


Rostislav Shurma


Denis Kudin


Vladislav Chechotkin

Volodymyr Popereshnyuk

Garik Korogodsky



Oleg Gorohovsky

Petr-CHernyshov (1)_edited.jpg

Petro Chernishov


Oleksandr Sokolovsky

Denis Dovgopoliy

Mihailo Kukhar


Hryhoriy Kukuruza

We cannot place here the names of the thousands of guests of our Conference, but for their own sake, for their contribution

Training program:

Introductory Basics:

GDP, GNP, real, nominal, dollar. Three methods of yoga rosrahunka. Yogo structure and features in Ukraine. Three fundamentals and three new types of “inflation” and their impact on business.

Calm, protect and invest in the economy

The theory of bribe drinking and propositions. The structure of growth in the developments and economies that are developing (like ours). Light trends of global change in the structure of life. "Dolar inflation" in Ukraine and "unrighteous wealth". Reimbursement of the prepared dollars in Ukraine.

Monetary policy part 1

Monetary aggregates, principles of work of central banks with a great excursion into the history of the monetary aspect of economic policy from the Middle Ages to the XXI century. Stiglitz and the Phenomenon of "Kilkish Relief" of the Remaining Ten Years

Monetary policy part 2

The banking system of another level, the history of credit models, interest rates and the evolution of exchange rate management models in the XX-XXI centuries.

Sovereign finance

The budget, yogo podatkova, that Borgian structure, understood by the "fiscal income of GDP" and "Laffer's curve". Types of borgo policy, “Maastricht criteria”, world history of “defaults” and history of “high hundred rates in the world of Ukraine. Social agreement to a number of business tax rates, which will come to change offshore companies and other remaining trends of "gift competition" in the world.

State balance of payments

The system of national rachunkiv. Features of the statistical creation of the main macro-indicators for Ukraine and the method of applied research for the accuracy of macro-forecasting.

Basic theories and applied methods of forecasting "economic cycles"

Models of the most rational monetary, exchange rate and inflationary policies (at different stages of the cycle) - for central banks; models of the most rational investment strategy - for market participants

The economy of the future

Economic futurology and global trends.

Who is the course for?

If you are already a veteran of the ZSU and serve in the lava of the Defense Forces of Ukraine at once, you can register for the future course at once.

We will immediately call you before the cob of the course and we will give you all the necessary roses and clarifications if you can pass it.

We already have over 200 previous applications for the course. More important is the silence of those who want to go through bi yoga - immediately at the front.


Therefore, the most impressive, the start of the course is already after Peremogi, for which we are all so checkable!

How to register

We specially respect your respect for those who are given an early registration, you are NOT guilty of claiming any personal information like your military rank, part number and the like. We don’t collect, don’t save, and don’t collect the daily personal data of our first listeners from ZSU, clearly acknowledging the validity of the hypothetical round of such data. Therefore, we ask you not to include them in the questionnaire.

The transfer to the course will be just your military ticket. Which will be enough just to present (information from the new one will not be collected and will not be collected from us).

We ask you to fill in only those data that we need in order to honor you to ask you for the “Basic Course in Macroeconomics” if you start.


Like you have a military light, be kind, unique in your details, just say "wyjskova"

Thanks for the registration!

Guaranteed participation in the program

Our company Ukraine Economic Outlook and our newest partner Business School МІМ-Кyїv this year will be a resource for training 1000 veterans in the "Basic Course in Macroeconomics" for the first year of the program. There will be more willing ones, we will report all the efforts in order to please all the willing. Simply, imovirno, just take a few more hours. We ask you to put yourself up to the mark.

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