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Representation in jurisdictions

Andorra | Bulgaria |UK | Hungary | Germany | India | Ireland | Spain | Italy | UAE | Poland | Portugal | USA | France | Switzerland

* If the country you need is not on the list, write to us:

Sergey Rabenko

Rabenko (1).png

Igor Taranenko

Management consulting expert Over 10 years of experience as a corporate lawyer in companies such as PWC and Magisters


Vladlena Rua


Sergei Kalinovsky

Expert in legal and tax consulting, anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance, mergers and acquisitions


Maria Dunaeva

Business relocation in the UAE, taxation features in the UAE

16 years of experience in international tax planning, business and financial law

Specialist in taxation and obtaining residence permits in Andorra


Tax law

Assistance in the formation of complex international tax structures, risk assessment

Financial transactions

Support of financial transactions, audit in Europe, UAE , USA

Crypto operations

Purchase, crypto exchange and payments with a full package of documents (including license and AML)

Legal support

Purchase/sale/leasing contracts, trade contracts,
relations with government agencies, protection of investor rights,
Due diligence

How to sign up for an individual consultation

1. Consultation takes place online via Zoom

2. The consultation time is booked by agreement with you after payment has been made.

3. You can pay for the consultation by card on the website or request an invoice

Pay for an individual consultation

Card/Apple Pay/Google Pay


UAH 20,500


1 hour


If it is not convenient for you to pay for a consultation by card on the website, please fill out the form and we will send you an invoice

Благодарим, мы отправим счет на Ваш email

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