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First conference on hearing loss

On the 15th of September, the first conference on non-rukhosity was held within the KUKHAR Discussion Court, the observers of which are unlikely to find out the insider information about the non-rukhosity and analytical developments: how the war in different countries really affected prices regions of Ukraine, which will be expected until the end of 2023 and after victory with the beginning of the large-scale program of Vidbudov .


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Mikhailo Kuchar

Ukraine Economic Outlook


Key market operators


Igor Nikonov

Head of K AN Development


Igor Raikov

CEO and Chief Executive Officer in Spilnota, Chief Executive Officer of ULPM


Andriy Vavrish

Head of SAGA Development


Erik Naiman



Andriy Mima

Chief executive of LUN.UA

The list of speakers will be expanded until the date of entry


Regional features of the hearing loss market:

  • Novobudovi, secondary market, popup structure.

  • Compatibility of square meters: structure, dynamics, impact on price development.

  • "I-Oselya" and other mortgage programs: inflows and prices.

Scenarios for the development of the non-deafness market in 2023-24 rocks and potential influx into the market
  • International programs of Vidbudov Ukraine.

  • Change in prices per sq.m. depending on types and classes of infraredness

  • Migration studies, deposits.

  • Investments in durability. It is obvious that the vestments/vices are used

  • New foreigners and new arrivals in the market


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Дякуємо! Ми звʼяжемося з вами найближчим часом

Analytical review of the non-ruminant market of Ukraine 2013-2023 and prospects for renewal

Based on the results of the discussion, Ukraine Economic Outlook, in partnership with LUN, plans to prepare the broadest statistical and analytical overview of the non-frailty market in Ukraine for the last 10 years with a trend forecast for the near future.

Release date: 09/10/2023. You can change it again today with a discount:

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KUHAR Discussion Court

To watch the previous meetings of the KUHAR Discussion Court, please go to our official YouTube channel .

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