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Online conference

How to pay taxes in Europe 2.0

11 low-tax EU jurisdictions + Dubai

Лучшие налоговые консультанты из 11 стран прочитали часовые лекции о странах Европы с самым комфортным налоговым климатом. Вы можете жить в одной стране и платить налоги в другой, вы знали об этом?

И мы не могли не включить в программу конференции самый популярный европейский офшор – Дубай.


Полная запись конференции уже доступна по ссылке ниже:

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Countries whose taxes you will learn about:

Andorra, Ireland, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Cyprus, Portugal - Madeira, Spain - Canary Islands and Dubai

European taxes are a big misconception . There are no average European taxes. There are tax systems that differ from country to country. Moreover, even within countries there are characteristics of regions, islands, and cantons. We brought together speakers from 11 countries so that you can learn about tax conditions for business and life and can compare them. You don't have to move for this. Our speakers explained how you can live legally in one country and pay taxes in another. And also how to avoid double taxation both within the EU and with external countries.


You will hear lectures on tax options in Andorra, Ireland, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Madeira (Portugal) and the Canary Islands (Spain), as well as the main European offshore Dubai (UAE).

Cost €125

This price is lower than the cost of an hour's consultation with any of the tax consultants in these 11 countries.
We offer you hour-long lectures and additional materials on taxes from TOP speakers from all countries for a single price.



Liya Smekun

Integrations project, Hamburg, Germany


Mikhail Kukhar

Ukraine Economic Outlook


11 experts - lawyers, attorneys, tax consultants and business relocation specialists


Tatiana Charlotte

Tax Manager at RPG Crouch Chapman LLP. Member of the international association of accountants ACCA. UK CTA Certified Tax Expert.

Great Britain


Михаил Соболев

Tax consultant, Director at MS iRida360 Limited



Katerina Azarova

Founder and CEO of Azarova Consulting



Sergey Tarutin

Tax consultant, accountant. Tax and company support specialist in Ireland with over 25 years of experience



Sergei Kalinovsky

Эксперт по международному корпоративному праву, комплаенс-вопросам, налогообложению в QOREADVISORY



Elena Kuznechikova

Lawyer, managing partner of LAW GUIDE, inspiration and co-author of the podcast, certified asset manager, chairman of the IAA private capital committee, member of the ASU working groups on international tax issues.

Мадейра, Канарские острова


Vladlena Rua

Specialist in taxation and obtaining residence permits in Andorra



Ron Luvischuk

Financial expert, member of the board of the Estonian Association of Small and Medium Businesses (2018-2022), chairman of the audit committee of the Eesti200 party, member of the financial committee of the Tallinn City Council



Maria Dunaeva

Qore Advisory, partner. Business relocation specialist in the UAE



Наталья Радченко

Lawyer, tax consultant, partner at Legal House



Vera Dolzhenkova FCCA

Octagon Corporate Services.. Expertise: Doing Business in the UAE: Taxes and Finance


speaker (1).png

Olga Korpa

Tax consultant, Member of board, Coral Finance Ltd


The conference is suitable for you if you:

  • Are you considering options for relocation?

  • Looking for more comfortable living and business conditions

  • Do you want to compare taxation features in the old EU countries and 11 official low-tax jurisdictions of the European Union

  • Want to compare the tax climate of the country where you currently pay taxes and other options?

  • Do you want to meet relocation experts, tax consultants and experts who have already moved their business to other countries

  • You are an entrepreneur who wants to learn about interesting cases

  • Do you want to get contacts of trusted tax consultants in each country who speak your language?

Hurry up to buy tickets to the Tax Conference 3.0 at an early price

Cost 125 euros.
This price is lower than the cost of an hour's consultation with any of the tax consultants in these 11 countries. We offer you TOP speakers from all countries for a single price.

An important mission of Integrationsprojekte is to widely inform new migrants about the possibility of doing business in the EU. Therefore, we have made every effort to make the price so affordable for you.

Don't have a convenient form of payment for you? Contact us - we'll definitely come up with something.

We remind you that you continue to have access to video recordings of our speakers’ lectures and additional materials throughout the year

Buy a record

Cost €125
  • € 125


Organizers and partners

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Did you miss the first tax conference on the old countries of Europe? The full video recording is at your service, already on the website:

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