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AI для вашего бизнеса

This discussion is for you, because:

  • Do you consider the challenges for investing: investment methods and strategies, promising markets, entry thresholds

  • Do you want to know the trends and mental investment in hairlessness in different countries: trends and possibilities

  • Do you want to learn about investment funds and the possibilities of private investments in the future through the securities market?

  • Are you an investor, investor, realtor, worker in the housing sector, who is looking for new markets to expand their activities, or simply be stuck with the foreign market?

You can take part in our KUKHAR Discussion Court absolutely cost-free by registering right away!

Ми надішлемо лінк на прямий ефір на email та в telegram 

Якими будуть ціни на світомвому ринку нерухомості? Замовте вже сьогоді WORLD REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK 2024

Following the results of the discussion, the Ukraine Economic Outlook is preparing a statistical and analytical review of the light market for non-rumination with a forecast for 2024 - 2025 - WORLD REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK 2024.

You can sign up today and pick up your personal sample book 5 days after the completion of the court!

Ochikuvana release date: 05/20/2024

Price: 100 USD

Become a chi advertiser partner

KHUKHAR Discussion Court is a unique platform on which the most famous companies and business representatives who invest in the world gather together.

We expect over 100,000 views from our patrons (our minimum estimate; the interest in these views will be greater and steadily increase until the end of the streaming cycle).

If you respect our important audience of your potential clients, you have the opportunity to present your company in a similar format.

* All speakers on the KUKHAR Discussion Court will be asked especially by Mikhail Kukhar for a single criterion: the facts and value of the evidence for our important audience.

Contact us to discuss the forms and details of a potential partnership by phone: +380970421194 - Anna Orel

Дякуємо! Ми звʼяжемося з вами найближчим часом

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